Getta-Gripp is another project that I've been with since day 1. Founder, Jesse Lyman, wanted Getta Gripp to appeal a younger demographic of teen athletes while still bein appropriate for adults alike. I created a handwritten, playful logo with a welcoming blue to for mass appeal.

The website and packaging use of black balances out the playfulness of the logo and brand colors, adding a competitive undertone. In the reviews section, I created a "5-star" that slightly resembles Amazon's 5-Stars to play on the psychology of trust.

The Getta-Gripp wax comes in different strengths which are represented by their respective colors - green for regular strength, red for maximum strength. The wax comes in three different sizes that required their own labels: chapstick, gluestick and team sized.

Getta-Gripp is still a continuous work in progress.

Date:May 20, 2015

Type:brand development, wordpress, illustration, packaging