Bixby is a premium cannabis brand based out of Long Beach, Ca that I've been proudly working on since the brands conception. For the logo, I worked with a typographer to create a clean, gender-nuetral script that has subtle ties to the original script of the Bixby Knolls neighborhood sign, where the name Bixby was derived from.

The Bixby websites' main purpose is to inform buyers of the available Bixby flowers. This was acheived by creating a distraction-free menu directly on the homepage. Buyers can either zoom in to see the flower qualities up close, or view their profile which has the flowers descriptive information stylized with simple icons that are color coded for their respective strains - sativa, indica, or hybrid .

The packaging continues the Bixby asthetic with a white face and color-coded logo/accents. We wanted to create something that stood apart from competitors while still clearly showing this was a cannabis product. I acheived this by illustrating a cannabis cola rather than the over-used industry pot leaf. Using this illustration as a transparent window allowed the nugs show through and fill the cola window with its natural color. The back was a simple open faced design that allowed buyers inspect the product with out the need of pulling everything out.

Bixby is still a continuous work in progress.

Date:April 20, 2017

Type:brand development, wordpress, illustration, packaging